How To Find Your Blogging Niche

There’s no stopping people from becoming bloggers nowadays. You just to have a good blogging niche.  Anyone can get access to the necessary tools and platforms and the ever-expanding Internet is ready to accept new bits and pieces of information on a daily basis. To give you an idea of why experts have coined the term “information explosion” (to refer to what’s happening on the Internet right now), back in 2013 there were around 152 million blogs. In July 2017, came up with a report that there were an estimated 350 million blogs—and that’s just for Tumblr blogs alone!

I’m new! Where do I start?

Unlike most of your blogger counterparts who have started years ago, you are at an advantage. There are dozens of different blogging platforms you can use and hundreds and thousands of resource videos and articles (including this one!) that will guide you on how to start blogging. The hardest part is deciding what will be your blogging niche.

Yes, I did say that this blog post is about “starting off on the right foot” in the blogging world. But I’d rather we focus on something that many bloggers are particularly challenged on: finding your niche.

Passion or Profit?

There’s the perennial trap of blogging about your passion. Passion is always a good motivator to do things because it gives you energy and zeal to do what needs to be done. You wake up with the drive to conquer anything that goes between you and your goals. However, if you are blogging professionally (that is, relying on the profitability of your blog to provide for you and your family’s needs), then there lies another motivator to earn from your chosen niche.

But, what if your niche isn’t selling? What if there are a limited number of readers, say, for world history topics? You don’t see yourself writing about the evergreen topics of health, wealth, and romance (which happen to be great topics for affiliate marketing later on) but that seems to be the only topics that would get enough readers and other sources of passive income.

When there is absolutely no way of incorporating profit into your niche market, and you are a total beginner in the world of blogging, then I’d suggest you go with a niche you are passionate about and find your groove first. Learn the ways of blogging, its highlights and pitfalls, and how you can earn from it when you’ve gathered a steady following. You need to get your foot in the door first before exploring other opportunities. And the best and easiest way to get started with blogging is to write about something you know and love (surprise, surprise!)

Find Your Focus

Choose a blogging niche and refine that until it’s pretty specific that you can make an elevator speech out of it. If you are into parenting tips, try to find a sub-niche of parenting. Some parenting sub-niches are about single parenthood, blended family setting, or parenting while working at home. These sub-niches will help you find your focus and allow you to define what your blog really stands up for. When you find your target readers, you will immediately entice them with content that is specifically made for them. Plus, targeted blogs are easier to remember because they are more likely to leave an impression.

Choosing your blogging niche during the conceptualization of your blog helps you create a focal point for all of your posts. Start off on the right foot and don’t get lost like other bloggers who eventually lost the identity of their blogs by trying to cover every topic they could write about.


Guest blogger: Katrina Bea


Good luck and have fun! Please contact me if you need help getting your blog set up.

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