What you don’t know about Social Media

Nowadays everyone has a PC/laptop or smartphone. More and more people are using the internet and especially social mediaSo what really is social media?  Social media is basically communicating with people online via some sort of an app or website. That doesn’t sound too complicated, right? But for many beginners, it can be. There are many different forms of Social Media… many different ways of communicating online.

“Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.” Amy Jo Martin

Similarly, there are many uses of social media. Like for example if you run a business, you must use the power of social media to reach a much bigger audience in less time and make new customers. But it is imperative that you must focus on probably one or two best social media platforms. Like for example, Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms and on an average, more than 10 million people use Facebook every day.  Getting involved in can be intimidating. So as said earlier, if you run a business than you should be focusing on the best platforms that can help your business.

There is FacebookTwitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Pinterest, Digg, Youtube to name a few of the best. Each serve its own purpose, so you can have an account on all of them if you want to use it for personal use.

So what do you not know about Social Media?

What you don’t know about Social MediaThey are all different, so the most pressing question is which do you devote your time to? Once you have chosen your platforms, a host of follow-up questions present themselves. How frequent should your posts be, and what type of content is most appealing? A word of warning for small businesses – one of the main reasons people stop following a brand is because they post too frequently. If you run a small business you should post no more than five times a week on Facebook alone, but on Twitter, you should post out at least three pieces of content per day.”

Likewise, if you are using YouTube to generate leads, then you should post one video at least in a week.  Facebook, with 2.41 billion active monthly users, is the largest platform, and 82% of adult internet users in America alone use it. This could make it the best place for your brand to focus your social media marketing campaigns.  Recently Facebook launched its Facebook live video feature to compete with the video social media giant YouTube. Also, now you can use gifs in twitter to promote your business. So you have to be very much careful before planning on which social media platform is best for you and your business.

Social Media can be a lot of fun and very rewarding & powerful in so many ways. But, the thing is you will need to use this power for good and not evil. For more blogs on social media make sure to come back to learn more about this ever emerging field.

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Thank you to our Guest Blogger, Aly Avais Ahmed, from OrangeTree  Virtual Outsourcing.  Great information that I know my readers will enjoy.



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