Are you tired of running into the wall of low growth and want to grow your Instagram following? Engagement and algorithms are touchy (and trending) topics right now for many Instagram users. I’m covering my number one tip to organically grow your Instagram following that you can implement today.

How To Grow Your Instagram Following

Be authentically you. Instagram and social media, in general, is a highlight reel of the good stuff. The things people want to see and want to share are what’s on Instagram. But how do you connect with your followers by always showing only the good stuff? If you are real and authentic, your followers are going to connect with you. They will start seeing themselves in you. Eventually, they will want to share you with their circle of friends and it will continue to build from there. Start the ripple of organic growth on Instagram by being authentically you.

Say Good-Bye to Highlight Reels

What makes you you? Share that! Those things you came up with about you when you created your branding, share those! Why do you have ladybugs in your logo? Tell your story, regardless of how dark it can be. You have a story that shouldn’t be kept behind filters — tell your community who you are. I guarantee you will find someone who connects with you. Can you imagine the impact you can make in someone else’s life because they are struggling with the same thing as you? This is powerful stuff right here!

Social Media is a Digital Scrapbook

Nicole Caldwell SaundersThink of Instagram as your social media scrapbook. Do you want to look back and just see all the good things? Life isn’t always butterflies and roses. Share the downs of life, too. It’s up to you to ultimately decide how transparent you want to be with your community. Your followers are going to see you as a real person and not just another Instagram “influencer” with an Instagram husband with the perfect filters, perfect lighting, and perfect caption. Sharing pieces of the real you allows your community and followers to know it is okay to not be perfect.
I’m challenging you to take 5 minutes today to share a piece of the real you on Instagram. It can be as deep or as shallow as you want it to be. I want you to be authentically you. Then come back here and tell us what happened! I cannot wait to see how you grow your Instagram following with this technique.

You can find Nicole writing about dog mom life, social media, graphic design, and direct sales on her blog, Saunders Says.

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