Maintaining Brand Consistency to Attract Customers

Close your eyes and imagine a pair of golden arches. Bring anything to mind? What about a red bullseye or a brown delivery truck? While each of these images were once could have brought any number of things to mind, they are now inseparably associated with the businesses that adopted them as part of their brand consistency.

Creating a brand for your business can make it easier for customers to connect with what you have to offer them. It’s about capturing the values of your business in an easy-to-process way, generally using visuals like logos, color schemes, and other design elements that communicate the essence of your business to the world.

When building your brand – or translating your brand for an online audience – brand consistency is essential. This helps customers build associations between certain imagery and your business and creates a sense of reliability. Brand consistency across your website improves the professional image of your business while allowing customers to feel immersed in the atmosphere you’ve created for them.

Branding Consistency Essentials

  • Be honest about what your business does and what your values are. This will ensure your customers know what to expect from your business and feel personally connected to your values and mission.
  • Creating a logo that captures the purpose of your business is a great way to add visual appeal to your website and other marketing materials and enhances brand credibility. The more prominently you display it, the more synonymous it will become with your business.
  • Personal details. People enjoy feeling like they’re supporting a real person rather than a faceless corporate entity. Including personal details about you and your business allows customers to understand who their dollars are supporting and further prompts them to connect with your business on a personal level.

Creating Brand Consistency on your Website

When it comes to effectively marketing your brand on your website, consistency is key. Using consistent color schemes, text styles, and layouts across your website. This creates a sense of continuity for your customers and ensures that every page reflects the image of your business you want to project.

Maintaining consistent information and values across your website is also essential to effective branding. If you want customers to really connect with your business, you must make it clear what they are connecting with. Otherwise, you risk looking inconsistent and unreliable, which could ultimately mean losing potential customers.

Put simply, you should decide what image you want for your business and stick with it across your entire site, not just on your home page. It will make you look polished, professional, and ready to prosper.

Ready to start building your brand image?

I’ve got your back! Whether you’re looking for a new logo, trying to pick a color scheme that fits your business’ personality or building your brand from the ground up. I want to help you!! My eye for design will help you figure out exactly what you need to bring in business and create an appealing online presence.

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