Every busy entrepreneur involved in the arts wants to work smarter, not harder, and carve out extra time in their hectic days for creative pursuits. Fortunately, apps can help. Here’s a look at some of the business aspects you can outsource to an admin-busting, productivity-increasing app. 

Manage Your Time Wisely

We all know the importance of time management, and there are many tools that will help in achieving this. Most time management apps include trackers for tasks and work hours, scheduling software, distraction blocking, and mind mapping, among other essentials. Some apps of note are RescueTime, MindNode, and Todoist.

Automate What You Can

Time is money, but it’s also the only thing that’s irreplaceable. You can save lots of it by using smart tools to automate certain aspects of your business. Automation apps should become an indispensable tool for small business owners, as it helps boost revenue, optimize teams, and even offer an enhanced customer experience. In addition, most automation tools eliminate human error, reduce operational costs, and build a stronger brand. Some of the best automation apps include IFTTT, ElectroNeek, and Hootsuite.

Keep on Top of Your Tasks

If you have a hard time managing your tasks and working with multiple devices like a drawing tablet and a laptop, you should use a task-managing app. Most of these tools allow you to sync across all your devices so you stay on top of your tasks, even on the go. You can also share tasks and lists with others, like a personal assistant, to ease the process. Some of the best task management apps are Remember the Milk, Ntask, and Evernote.

Streamline Your Financials

Late payments, unrecorded taxes, and messy employee timesheets can negatively affect small businesses, reducing cash flow, hindering expansion, and creating short- and long-term cash issues. Cloud-based invoicing and accounting apps will save you time by making it easier to track and manage invoices, expenses, hours worked, and taxes, as well as automatically bill clients. For instance, besides employee timesheets and software integration, QuickBooks Time allows for real-time reporting and mobile time tracking. The tool allows managers to clock staff in or out to streamline scheduling and project tracking and easily sign off on projects.

Keep Track of Your Project Management

Speaking of projects, the project management systems you use in your company will do wonders for team productivity and efficiency. A good project management platform should be flexible, scalable, and have communication options so your team can use them to stay on track and develop better rapport. An excellent app that comes to mind is Asana, as well as Trello and Wrike.

Market Your Business

Marketing in the digital era takes place within social media apps, websites, and other online platforms. Because promoting your venture is one of the key steps in leading your business to success, consider using available tools to make digital marketing easier to manage. For instance, Later, Clarabridge, and The Podium lets you focus on your social media presence, helping you post regularly and often at the ideal times when your clients are most likely to see them.

When using apps to market your business, make it a point to take advantage of some free online tools. For example, if you’d like to create compelling and imaginative Instagram posts, you can use a remove background tool which allows you to place new images and photos into a completely new environment.

Work with a High-Powered Phone

If you’re running your business with an out-of-date phone, your smartphone may not have the power, speed, and memory to effectively run and download these apps. This doesn’t mean you have to upgrade to the latest model—there are many capable smartphones available that have been released in the last couple years. It’s also a good idea to invest in a quick-charging wireless charger to ensure your phone doesn’t run out of juice when you need it.

Final Thoughts

These apps are the best time management tools available on the market for artists and entrepreneurs alike. They all differ in availability, features, and complexity, but the ability to tackle different business areas and take much of the busy work off your hands will be a godsend as your business grows.


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