How A Virtual Assistant Can Help Small Businesses Succeed


We’ve all heard of a personal assistant, but with the rise of technology, it has created the opportunity for remote working. And this has developed the role of a virtual assistant or “VA.” But how can someone, sometimes thousands of miles away, be helpful to your business?

Unlike when you hire a personal assistant, a VA is often a freelancer or entrepreneur themselves. So they understand the needs of a small business better than a traditional employee. And they have extra contacts and resources you can tap into. Here are some of the ways a small business can help your business succeed, and what you can outsource to them:

Reduce Overheads

We would all love to have someone on hand at all hours of the day, but for small businesses, this is not an affordable option. Hiring a VA reduces your overheads as they only have to charge for the work they actually do. Meaning you can spend the money on work rather than having someone around who is “on call.” That being said, many VAs’ will offer a retainer package for hours per month with a communication window where they are available to do work immediately. Some may charge a retainer for emergency support but it is flexible to suit you and your needs. You’ll have to consider your budget too.

Improve Organization

If you struggle to keep your calendar in check or you’re starting to miss meetings and appointments, a VA could be an excellent solution to managing your planner or taking away tasks that are sucking your time. For example, clearing and managing away your inbox like you have been meaning to do, making sure those emails have been replied to or even setting up quick email templates to make your life easier.

Teach You

Part of being a business owner is understanding and marketing effectively to your demographic but you may not have the time (or the skillset) to analyze the data and understand where you need to promote next. Most VAs are able to use your website or social profile analytics to get a good idea of who your audience is so that you can adapt your marketing and promotion accordingly. They can teach you how your business is being received and do the lengthy task of collating the data into easy chunks so you can interpret it and make a decision.

Virtual Assistants Can Help You Create Content 

Your website, marketing copy, social channels or profiles all need engaging content to stay relevant! A VA that specializes in writing can assist with this and take the burden off your hands. You need to ensure you have someone with the experience and skill set able to adapt to your tone of voice as well as understanding the purpose of the piece. But finding the right person can take a weight off your mind and plate!  Contact Me today if you are ready to hire me as your Virtual Assistant!

10 Tasks To Give To Your VA Now

  1. Proofreading
  2. Online Research
  3. Email Management
  4. Social Media Scheduling
  5. Market Research
  6. Answering Client Questions
  7. Scheduling and Organizing
  8. SEO/Content Research
  9. Image Editing/Marketing Image Creation
  10. Setting Up Marketing Automation & Email Opt-Ins

These are just some of the many ways a VA can assist you as a small business owner.  Hire a VA today to make 2018 the year that you achieve your business goals.



Thank you to our Guest Blogger, Charlotte.

Charlotte is a small virtual business owner at Silhouette Creatives, who juggles life with her 4 cats, two children, and husband alongside volunteering. She is always trying to find the right narrative for you and your content.





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