Choosing Your Web Site Color Scheme!

So, you have decided to create a website. You have an idea, bought your domain and have a hosting platform. Now, it’s time to put something on there. That is where we come in, this is going to be an easy straightforward guide to choosing Your Web Site Color Scheme.

1st Step In Choosing Your Web Site Color Scheme

    1. Brainstorm
      What are your favorite colors?
      What color combination speaks to you?
      What is your website about… blog, business, will you have a lot of photos… etc.
    2. Pick the top 3 colors
      Write down your top 3 colors.
      Go to your favorite design site ( I use Canva) and play with those color combinations.
      Print/save the 3 different sets ( it’s good to have three colors each set- the same color/ dark, light, and a contrast color).
      Print it out and move to step 3.
    3. Test the Colors
      Ask for others opinions.
      Make some graphic for your content with each set and share to see what people think.
      Add to some content and see how it looks.

Finally: The Final Decision In Choosing Your Web Site Color Scheme.

Make your choose- plus you will already have some graphics made for your website. Keep the other’s for later, you can always change it up, plus there might be some colors you can use together at some point. There you have it a simple guide to choosing your color scheme for your website. Plus an extra bonus I made up a Pinterest Board with some color scheme hints and types. Visit the link below and check it out!

Ultimate Guide to Creating a Color Scheme For Your Website.shana-day-guide-to-color-scheme

Thank you to our guest blogger: Shani Dee of:   Shani is a Wife & Mother of 5, Entrepreneur, Content Writer & Researcher.

If you have any questions or are ready to start your blog, Please contact me today at [email protected] 

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