If you read my previous blog,  “The Skinny on Social Media for Small Businesses”  , You understand the importance of joining social media as a small business. Now you may be wondering how to go about it successfully. Luckily, many small brands have pioneered the way for others like you. For example, The Brooklyn Circus recently won the Shorty Award for Small Business on Social Media. This small business’s award-winning social media strategy includes having a specific voice, being consistent, and approaching each platform with a different strategy.

The Brooklyn Circus focused mainly on Instagram, posting stunning imagery to illustrate its products. It uses Twitter for customer interactions and Facebook for correspondence with its older audience. With the right social media strategy, you can achieve similar success. Before you start planning your campaigns, you need to get one thing out of the way – vanity metrics. Social media is plastered with them. Likes, followers, comments … numbers don’t mean anything unless they directly influence the success of your brand.

The Brooklyn Circus doesn’t have a massive following on any of its profiles, yet it has still experienced incredible success through its social media presence. Don’t get stuck on the number of followers or friends you have. Instead, focus on metrics that matter, such as conversions and website traffic. Once you know which metrics to track, modify your strategy based on past successes and failures. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First, learn how to master each platform.

Meet Me, Tracie Carrigan, Your Virtual Assistant

With a virtual personal assistant in your corner, you can be invincible on social media. Social media marketing won’t have to be your nine-to-five job anymore. You can focus on things that matter more to you within your business, such as customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, your online virtual assistant will masterfully handle all your social media accounts, creating and executing a results-driven strategy. You can achieve your social media marketing and management goals without lifting a finger.

Hiring a virtual assistant to set up and maintain your accounts is the best way to generate returns from your social media investment. Tracie Carrigan is a professional virtual assistant who can transform your brand’s social presence. Whether you haven’t had much luck on social media or don’t have accounts, I can help. Learn more today.

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