The Essential App List for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are always looking for new tools to help them be more productive. It can be tough to find the perfect fit, however, since there are so many apps out there. Luckily, these essential apps can make your life easier as an entrepreneur.

Boost Productivity

One of the most important apps for entrepreneurs is a solid project management tool to help you keep track of all your deadlines and projects, as well as communicate with team members. These are a few popular project management apps:

  • Asana
  • Trello
  • Basecamp
  • Notion
  • Monday
  • ClickUp
  • Wrike

What makes these apps great is that they are affordable, easy to use, and designed to integrate well with other apps.

Stay Organized

Getting organized is essential, especially for busy entrepreneurs. An organizing app can help you keep your life in check by helping you track everything from your to-do list to your budget and documents.


Dropbox works as a great alternative to the Google Drive/Docs combo because it’s available on multiple platforms and syncs up your files no matter where you are. It also makes it easy to share and collaborate on documents, so your entire team can work on a document at the same time.


For those days when you need to scan and email a document, a mobile scanner, like SwiftScan, is your best friend. This app quickly and easily scans documents and saves them as PDFs, so you can email them or store them in the cloud. A good mobile scanning app can help you stay organized and on top of your paperwork.

Adobe Acrobat

For businesses working on a tight budget, Adobe Acrobat can be a great investment, especially when you have a team working on different documents across a single project. This app allows you to create and edit PDFs, as well as combine PDFs and sign documents electronically. This is a great app for entrepreneurs who need to create and send contracts or other important documents. What’s more, Acrobat features an online tool to help businesses merge different documents and PDFs into one cohesive file.

Track Finances

Keeping track of your finances is essential for any business, and there are a few apps that can help with this. Getting a payment solution that’s tailored to your needs and those of your consumers is critical for your company’s success. If you receive credit card payments, Stripe is one of the easiest payment systems to use. Just sign up, connect your business bank account to it, and start processing payments. It’s a huge time saver for business owners who don’t want the hassle of accepting cash.

Another great choice for entrepreneurs is a financial API bank account balance verification tool. This online tool allows you to connect your bank account, credit cards, and investment accounts to easily track your spending. Balance also helps you avoid overspending on credit card fees, which will give your customers peace of mind.

Access Helpful Resources

Integrating the right apps into your business processes can help you stay on top of your game, and it also makes life easier for your customers. Moreover, most app-based companies offer webinars, training, and other resources to help you and your team create best practices for your organization.


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