There is more to marketing than creating advertisements about your products and prices. In fact, some of the most effective marketing techniques use an indirect approach. Rather than focusing on selling your product or service, these techniques focus on building your company’s image in the eyes of your customers. This can be done using instructional videos, utilizing your blog, and taking advantage of social media, just to name a few..

Instructional Videos

How-to and other informational videos are a great way to indirectly market your business. For example, pretend that you are a company selling car care supplies. You could generate a lot of sales by creating a “How To Restore Headlights” video. This video would be a great way to showcase why consumers need a headlight restoration kit, and how to use one. At the end of the video, you can tell them about the great price you have on the equipment they need. This will be much more effective than a video advertisement about how great your restoration kit is. Why? Because consumers avoid ads, but they look for instructional videos.

Utilize Your Blog

Blogs are a great opportunity to offer useful information while incorporating some subtle and natural promotion and advertising, a hallmark of indirect marketing. For example, if you have a window washing business, you could write a blog post about the importance of regularly cleaning your windows. Then at the end, you could put in a small plug about hiring your business to handle the window cleaning. By sharing some of your industry knowledge on your blog, you demonstrate your expertise. This can go a long way to convincing customers to work with you. An active and informative blog will also help you appear in more internet searches.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Collectively, people spend billions of hours on social media. If you want to get their attention, you should be on social media as well. Many businesses make the mistake of just posting advertisements on their social media pages. Instead, use social media to spread the word about special events, instructional videos, or recent blog posts. These efforts don’t have to be very costly and can yield great returns.

Another great indirect marketing technique on social media is the use of social media competitions. A social media competition asks consumers for “likes” and “shares” rather than purchases. In return, your business gets more notoriety. For these indirect marketing techniques to be effective, they should always have a link that connects consumers to your website.

If your direct marketing techniques are not getting the results that you desire, you should definitely give these tips a try. Fortunately, most of them do not require a lot of time or money. Instead, they require a little creativity and consistency.


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