Social media has been a cultural phenomenon since the early 2000s – which means that we’ve been in the practice of engaging with schoolmates, friends, and coworkers for nearly twenty years. Shortly after, most social media allowed business and corporate accounts. Now, the benefits of using social media for your business are well-documented. In short, there’s no excuse for passing up this valuable customer engagement opportunity.

When you engage with your users on your business’ array of social media pages, you’ll get the advantages of: 

  • Increased reach
  • Boosts in authority and trust
  • Brand awareness
  • Better ROI

How To Increase Social Media Engagement


So, how can you increase your engagement without increasing your social media ad spend? Start with these ten simple steps:


  1. Post content worth engaging with. You won’t draw the attention of your social media audience with a boring article, and you can’t expect users to want to share an article they didn’t enjoy in the first place. Think about the sort of content you’d be inspired to share yourself, then endeavor to include exciting, thought-provoking, informative content that draws the eye (think infographics, blog posts, and surprising statistics, to start).
  2. Respond to all comments. There’s nothing worse than a brand that appears to ignore user concerns and seems unappreciative of customer praise. View your social media comments, whether positive or negative, as a chance to have a conversation with your customers – you’ll present your business as helpful, trustworthy, social and present, which is the entire reason you developed a social media account in the first place.
  3. Encourage readers to comment, like, and share. Sharing quality content is a given, but some social media users may not immediately think to re-share it among their social media followers. Give them the chance to help you boost your presence and include this reminder and encouragement as a part of all your posts.
  4. Run contests and giveaways. Nothing inspires a like and a share quite like a contest. Give your current users an incentive to like and share your content – and potentially engage new clients – by running a contest or giveaway of your products on social media.
  5. Use images in every post. Aside from being eye-catching and interesting, images can increase social media engagement by as much as 1000%. Use images to keep users’ attention on your content and help drive home your point.
  6. Get more followers. I know, this seems much easier said than done. However, by increasing your own content and utilizing strategies such as hashtags and shares that connect you to other brands’ followings, you can boost your own numbers.
  7. Ask a question. Want more comments on your most recent content, product, or social post? Ask a question – the corresponding influx in comments will drive more views and give you the opportunity to respond and continue the engagement.
  8. Post multiple times daily. In the rapid-fire world of social media, you risk getting lost among the biggest brands – and your fiercest competitors. Post quality content at least twice per day to keep from appearing outdated and stagnant.
  9. Share content that’s relevant to your audience. Finding quality, interesting content from other sources is a key way to boost your credibility and audience. However, whether you’re posting original or shared content, make sure it’s relevant to the audience you’re curating.
  10. Use emojis. Social media posts using emojis inspire up to 15% more engagement than those without them. Why? Studies show that the human mind sees emojis much as it does the human face, attaching the proper emotions and connection to their corresponding posts.


Improve Your Engagement Tactics and Grow Your Business


Once you’ve spent time crafting a creative, visually appealing, brand-boosting social media profile for your business, put it to good use by using it to engage more of your audience. These valuable users have chosen to follow your content for a reason. Engaging them further can help you convert more of them into customers. For help building a set of effective social media accounts or for more information about my social media services, contact me today.




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